Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SET 8291 Demo Versions

Hi everybody!
I´ve found this pictures of the 8291 Dirt Bike demo versions in this brickshelf gallery via 8291 review at eurobricks.

The Designer of this model is called Anders Gaasedal Christensen and is nickname is Goose Valley. Check out is profile here.

All the versions are very interesting and I would love to have them all!

These photos seems to be taken in a Lego presentation of the model.

This version that Goose is very catchy to the eye because of the color! This year lego as the 9392 using an orange scheme, but it could be in 2008 :D

This yellow version and the used stickers are very cool too.
The blue version of the bike its very nice too, and one of my favorites.
The exhaust system is different in most of the bikes that in the final version.
The Wheels in black in the red bike version is also very cool!

In the next picture we can see a pink and funny version but also a different sticker for the gas tank in the red version.
But the most important difference to the final version that can be see in this picture is the single cylinder engine. This engine version it´s much more faithful to the real dirt bikes. Maybe the final version of the engine (a boxer type engine) as an imposition of the Lego Group.

In this picture we can see Goose Valley with the final version  ; )

Seems like Goose win a award because of this set. Well we deserved! It´s a really nice and cool model!

When I get the chance I would try to replicate on of this first´s versions of single cylinder engine.
Hope you´ve get inspired with these early versions too!

Thanks for visiting!

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