Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Radial Engine Motorcycle by Nikolyakov

This Radial Cycle was made by Nikolyakov from Turkey and was inspired on this bike:

His version uses a six cylinder radial engine, and it´s incredible how he fitted such a huge engine in a lego motorcycle and turn everything function with transmission and suspension, very impressive!

The bike as a very aggressive look and I would love to see this build with some small color scheme modifications, although of that is a really cool built!

Motor Detail:

The six cyclinder engine was based on  that as based Betula Radial Engine
(image source:  Dornbach RadialEngine based on Betula)

More details, photos, etc of this amazing Radial Engine Motorcycle at:

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  1. Thanks for nice comment and higlight. I am glad to see this. But I want to say something about engine design. In your text says " based Dornbach Radial Engine" but on Dornbach's BS page he says engine based Betula's design. So i wrote this in my galleries too. I think first one was Betula. Credits for him.

    Cheers, Nikolyakov

  2. Thank you Nikolyakov!
    I will correct it! ;)