Thursday, November 17, 2011

9392 Quad Bike - New 2012

The past year (2010) brought for all Lego Technic Motorcycles (LTM) fans a really nice bike, if not the greatest of all LTM sets, the 8051. 2012 in the other side don´t bring us a new huge bike, but a smaller one with 4 wheels.

Despite is size, the new Quad Bike set 9392 that will be released in 2012(*) is a wonderful set! Let me tell you why:

- For me the Quad-Bike, set 8262 from 2009 as a enormous error! The motor is linked with the swing-arm, so when we use the back suspension the motor rotates with the swing-arm. That does not happen with this new Quad Bike!

- Comparing the Quad Bike set 8282 from 2006, this particular one as few functions, the new Quad Bike as independent front suspension.

- Comparing with the both Quad Bikes referred, the new as more realistic aspect and frame.

- It is the first original LTM set with a chain tensioner! No more loose chains!

- The panels are really good looking and the orange color is very nice. ; )

- For me, despite of the different scales it´s even better than the Quad Bike alternate model of Set 8858-2 from 1994.

This is the Bike we can aspect from the first semester of 2012, a nice Quad! Hope that the second semester bring us an LTM with 2 wheels and of the same scale of the 8051.

Images - Brickshelf gallery from user sama (112838)

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