Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chopper, by Gabriel Calderón

Hello everyone,

This huge beast, is a creation of Gabriel Calderón from Argentina.
The very first picture on this post, it's my favorite, I love the lined and central gauges, the wide bars and that incredible fuel tank! Really good job on that!

The looks off the bike is very cool and aggressive, I like the minimal/low seat. It's not usual at all, seeing that kind of lego springs used for rear suspension, but I think it looks very well indeed.

Although I think this is a fantastic Chopper, I think the rear could be improved a little bit. I know, that very often, we don't have the parts we need or want, but personally I think it would look better with a different rear wheel, maybe with this tire inverted, or with a bigger wheel and flat (not curved) tire, similar to a Dragbike. Anyway, its a very good build! ;)

Cheers everyone, best regards!

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