Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lego RC Motorbikes - State of Art

Everyone knows the lack of speed from Lego engines, even the Extra Large engine wouldn't be fast enough to make a self balanced bike.

The Bike posted above was made by Kieran Chamberlain and unfortunately there's no video, yet! :)
The look of the bike is great, and I'm sure it runs, well and fast!

The first self balanced bike that I've seen in Lego used some Non-Lego engines (modified m engine) to accomplish the speed needed.
It's a very interesting build already posted here, made by brickosouch.

Other one, made by Piterx, like the one made by kieran (dispite being diferent solutions) uses a direct gear system to turn the front wheel. (Piterex original post at eurobricks can be seen here).

The next, and last one was made by Slewentogzz and uses a very interesting system to turn the bike sideways, it uses a weight to turn the bike.

                     1st version:

Slewentogzz made instruction / Ldd file of this version and can be found here -> INSTRUCTIONS

2nd version, Ducati 1199:

Check out more and more from Slewentogzz at Facebook .

Rather the turning solution, the best way to propeller a RC Lego bike seems to be the RC motor!

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  1. Lego has been there ever since I was a kid. I have seen big developments all this time. These lego bikes are so cool.