Monday, July 9, 2012

Harley Davidson Inspired Chopper by Billyburg

This beautiful chopper was build by billyburg. It´s a great build inspired in a Harley Davidson.

billyburg says in is creation gallery this: "First MOC. Started out as the lime green 8291 Dirt Bike."
Well, if this is is first MOC, you can see how good builder he is, and humble. The building has evolved so much that no one would say that this MOC as began as the secondary model of 8291.

The photos of the bike are great, and the bike is very harmonious, with great details like the front  spoiler a great creator looking fuel tank, Technic angle connectors frame and Springer fork both in dark gray, nice handlebar and the tires from the 8422 Circuit Shock Racer.

Check out billyburg other creations in is Flickr gallery. It as some nice creations, especially a very interesting MOD to set 8051!!! Check it out! ;)

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