Thursday, July 12, 2012

Honda CBR 600 RR Konica Minolta by André Karreman

Another great creation of André Karreman with instructions.

This time André built a Honda CBR with Konica Minolta  racing  team scheme.

The Technic Panels work (fairing) on the bike is very good.

The bike features:
- 4 in line cylinder engine;
- 2 speed gearbox;
-  link-type rear suspension.

Check out more details, download instructions and comment André Karreman bike at his MocPage.

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  1. The link doesn't work :-( i like your bikes!

  2. Unfortunately Andre suddenly disappeared without a trace.

    When I wrote this topic, I put links to the original pages (as I always do) so people could check more details, comment the builds and download the models.

    Unfortunatly and once again, as I said, he disappeared without a trace ...

  3. Has anybody still have ldd file with this moc ? Could you please share?