Saturday, October 20, 2012

NEW 2013 - 42007-1: Moto Cross Bike - Model A and B Pictures

Finally the first´s pictures of the 2013 first semester had been released, and off-course the most important of them all, the new Moto Cross Bike! =D

The new bike uses a longitudinally mounted 90° V-twin typical in Moto Guzzi engines, and not very usual on Motocross bikes, but it looks cool. I think it looks better than the 8291 flat-twin engine.

The overall look of the bike is greater then the 8291 (just my opinion), the orange panels look nice and the new tire treads for the 8051 rims seems great!

And thank´s to my friend James Bernard, here it is the secondary model:

A speedway bike!

It seems that the handlebar panels are new too!? ; )

Can´t wait to get this bike, and at lest two boxes! =D

Thank you for visiting!


  1. That secondary model is quite nice!

  2. I'm going to get me at least two sets..
    B-model looks a bit like an ice-/dirt-track-racer.

  3. I´m seeing that you guys like Flat track bikes!!! ;)

    @Junkstyle Gio, I think I will do the same! :D

    Thanks guys,
    Your comments are always welcome! ;)