Monday, October 29, 2012

Speedway Bikes - Made of LEGO

I´ve had two builds "in the pocket" ready to show to you guys, but it never happened...

But with the release of the B-model of the new 2013 LEGO Technic set: 42007-1: Moto Cross Bike it seems it´s the right time to show them to you.

-> The first one was made by cbt (22336) from the technicworkshop

It´s a very clean build speedway bike with working engine:

I really like the overall look of the bike and is simplicity!

 -> The other one was made by Tailgunner (81566)

It is also a speedway bike with some cool details:

I have to say it looks a little weird, but it´s specially because of the different color´s of the pieces used, the build uses some really interesting solutions!

-> And at least, but not the last, the official LEGO set  42007-1: Moto Cross Bike

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