Friday, February 1, 2013

Moto Guzzi Supermotard concept by Nemmoz

This is another beautiful bike from built by Nemooz.  This time was difficult for me to choose the bike I should post because in the last days Nemmoz added many bikes to his already wonderful and big collection of technic bikes. So don´t forget to explore the links in the final lines of this post ;)

I decided to choose this Moto Guzzi Supermotard concept built because of the technical solutions and the overall look of the bike!

It uses a 2 speed Gearbox that fits perfectly behind the powerfull V-twin.

Nice parts to use as disc brakes (they seem to be Wheel Wagon parts) and nice cyclinder covers/valves. 

 The solution for the Cardan-axle is great and I must say, that´s the best application I´ve seen for the 61904 part =D heeheh

Check out more at Nemmoz brickshelf gallery (click "Up" to see more bikes).

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