Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cafe racer, italian style by Legopaede

Finally a new bike from Legopaede!!!

Legopaede is one of my favorite builders, and after is last build (at the end of 2007) I been waiting for news, especially in this folder... Then in the last week, legopaede presented in his brickshelf gallery a new version of his bike 4. I has very happy to see that legopaede is still active! And now Legopaede presented is new bike, an cafe racer, italian bike style!

At first instance when I look to the first picture of this bike it seamed an Ldd reendered built =D very cool photos!!!

Legopaede always use the same scale of bikes, and always uses the 8430/8417 wheels.
The bike as very nice details, great handlebar and brake levers and a modified front suspension "inner shocks" ; )


Check out more pictures and details HERE!!!

Thans for visiting!


  1. Cool stuff! Love the rear suspension and the double exhaust system.

    On a separate note, Kurt: I built a Honda CB1100 and would be happy to send you the pictures. Where should I email them? Thanks!

  2. Hello pre-zli,

    Thank you for your comment ;)

    you can find my contact by pressing in my name "kurtSoares" or in the "About me" part, at the right column of this blog.

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