Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Poll 1 Results - Your Favorite LEGO Dirt Bike

And the results from LegoTechnicMotorcycles first Poll are:

In 1st place there is the new 2013 Lego Technic Moto Cross Bike 42007. This new bike is a really eye catcher, the color scheme and the new parts are great! Let´s see if there is to come so many Modified versions as it´s family sisters =D

Check out my friend Parda from Technic Delicatessen video from set 42007:

In 2nd place there is the 8291 Dirt Bike from 2008. If you search a little on the web, you will notice that the 8291 is the base of many Lego bikes and is one of the most modified! It was a lot of potential!

In 3rd but not the last : ) there is the father of Lego Dirt Bikes, the beautiful 8838 Shock Cycle from 1991.
Definitely a great Classic!!!

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