Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Honda CB1100 by Zoltan


This Honda CB 1100 was built by Zoltan. I also posted some days ago a small scale bike made by Zoltan in our Facebook page.

This is a very nice MOC, and perfectly recognizable as a Honda CB1100.
Zoltan made a great fuel tank using LEGO Creator constrution style, mixed with all the Technic functions like a 4 cylinder engine, front and rear suspension.
The exausht system is great, representing perfectly the origanal curves of the bike.

Zolten didn´t forget the details, like for example the turn signal lights, and a simple but very nice grey battery cover.

Another interesting feature of this bike is the connection of the 4 cylinder engine to the transmission gears.
The transmission is connectde to the engine in the middle of the crankshaft!
This particular built allows a cleaner look of the bike without gears in any of the side walls of the engine. Furthermore it allows different positions of the cylinder heads (the first at 0°, the second at 180°, the third at 90° and the fourth at 270°) insted of the normal combination  0° and 180° offsets.

Thank you for visiting!
This bike was kindly sent to me by email, so it´s a Lego Technic Motorcycles exclusive! =)


  1. Hi,if I want to build this one,what number of Lego box should I buy?

  2. Hello Ian,
    As you may noticed, this is not an official set and it uses parts from diferent sets (boxes). Although the box that as most of the parts os the 8051 but os no longer in production, so i recommend set 42036