Thursday, June 5, 2014

Diagonal Chopper by František Hajdekr

Hajdekr has done several bikes recently, for example his Trial Bike already blogged at LTM, or the beuatifull "non-classical classic" chopper (that uses an interesting rear suspension), also sharing instructions of his builds.

His last bike, the "Diagonal Chopper" is still in LDD version and it looks great! Very clean and minimalistic look with a cool springer fork and with a very beautiful exhaust system among other great details.


 Great use of parts (for example the seat), imagination and engineering, it seems that it doesn't have rear suspension, but it has!
The next picture shows a previous version of the bike and frame detailing with a previous rear suspension montage.

Check more pictures, details and high resolution images at Flickr.
If your searching for the LDD files, here they are! Thank you Hajdekr for sharing!

Would you like to have this bike for yourself?
Support this project at LEGO IDEAS!

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