Sunday, August 3, 2014

Giant Lego Harley Davidson

Hello Fellows,

Our friend Kieran Chamberlain recently started a Huge HUGE Project!! =D

This wonderful chopper is still in a WIP mode but it's "98% complete, It comprises a heady 3000+ parts at 65cm length" and weights more or less 2kg.

The details on this build are amazing, great looks! I really like the fuel tank and the ShovelHead engine, really beautiful!

The rims of the front wheel are made from flextube and the look of the wheel is amazing, I really dig it.

In addition to all these great details, the bike features a 9v motor in gearbox and battery pack disguised as oil tank.

Check more details, keep on touch with the news and join the original discussion at Eurobricks Topic.

This is an awesome and impressive build, it's going to look incredible in real bricks!

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  1. magnifique , so sad this is not for sale
    my mail is and I ride a Victory Hammer

  2. I like the Victory Hammer! I sat on one at a Victory display at a racetrack.

    I ride a Buell Lightning SS.

    In future I may have Lego motorcycles for sale, if i can make them affordable.