Friday, February 6, 2015

Giant Lego Ducati by Kieran Chamberlain

Hello everyone! When I saw this build from Kieran Chamberlain... well I must say... I was speechless! This build looked surreal to me... Kieran took Lego Technic Motorcycles MOC's to another level! At least for another scale! that's for sure!

This beast is huge! full of details and, and dispite of his size, it's not a sculpture build type. Is full of Technic features!


  • Builder: Kieran Chamberlain;

  • working 90º DOHC V4 engine with 4 valves per cylinder;
  • working rising rate link rear suspension;
  • Gearbox with neutral and first with working foot control;
  • Power functions (PF) Lights Front & Rear;
  • PF L motor to turn engine / wheel;
  • Steering;

  • Time of design 4months;

  • Bricks: ~10.000;

  • Distance between axles: 40.69cm (16.02in);
  • Lenght: 53.35cm (21.00in);
  • Height (ground to windshield): 28.46cm (11.2in);

Links for this build:

  • Kieran Chamberlain Flickr page, HERE!
  • Discussion topic in Eurobricks, check it out, here!

Design stage pictures:
90º DOHC V4 engine with 4 valves per cylinder

Real bricks pictures:

Pictures taken in BrickVention 2015:

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  1. Awsome!!!!! Realy nice!!!! Do you have LDD instructions for this bike?

    1. Hello Diederik, Sorry but no LDD instructions on this one...

  2. i want this intructions!!!!! SO COOL