Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rat Bike Raven by Sergey Vorontsov

There's not much info (pictures) of this build, but its a interesting/different bike for sure! ;)

As you may know, there's allot of motorcycle styles, and one of the most controversial at least for me are the Rat Bikes!

They use adaptations of parts that were not designed to fit the model of bike in question", allot of times they are a pile of junk =D. Not this case, non of these bricks used on this build are junk! ;)

This build gathers the essential aspects of rat bikes, like the rusty look, and uses some nice details like the Technic angle connectors frame the big drumb rear brake, the details in the handlebar and the filter cover.

Unfortunately, there's nothing more than steering regarding to functions.

Anyway I think Rat Fink would approve it, ehehe.

The main topic of this build can be found here, you may consider using google translate! ;)
And to finish, a picture of Sergey with is creation:

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