Friday, March 13, 2015

MOD's & Thoughts - The 42036 Street Motorcycle - Discussion Topic

Has you know, the 42036 is the new Lego Technic Motorcycle for the present year, 2015.

The 42036 has a enormous potential for modifications, an at Eurobricks theres a discussion topic that is very interesting, check it out:

In the next images are a preview off the discussion topic shown above! Follow the link to see much more! and by the way... join the discussion! ;)

Repsol version by DETZIT

Mods and Color altenatives for B model by JunkStyleGio

42036 B with sidecar by HirnLego

Rendered alternative colors by LEEWAN and more HERE!

Red with golden rims also by Cumulonimbus

And here's some other interesting links about the 42036:
  • Keep in touch with K-BRICK  YouTube Channel, it has coming soon a RC version for the B model that seems very interesting.
  • SIDE CAR MOD One 42036 is great but two, can be awesome! ;)

And at least but not the last, a video from the designer team that brought us this spectacular model!
A big thank you on behalf of all the lego technic fans of motorcycles to Lars Thygesen and to all the Lego Technic Designer Team.

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  1. Thanks for using my render. It would be nic if you credited me and all the others for their work!

    1. your welcome ;) I've updated the post with the credits! ;) cheers