Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yamaha Sport Quad Bike by Artemy Zotov (with instructions)

This great build has is a creation by Artemy Zotov and the main topic of this build can be found at MocPages.

At first look, it seems like a simple color MOD of 9392, but it's much more than that. It looks much more close to a real quad than the lego set, the clearence to ground its great, especially compared to the original set, etc. I think its really a "must try to build", for everyone that has the 9392. It doesn't seem to have much more pieces than the original lego set, and its so much better!

This is my favourite view of this build:

I've already thought to change the handlebar of my 9392 since i've build the 42021 snowmobile, but comparing to all these changes, that mod alone is nothing... :)


And here they are, the instructions:

Thanks for visiting!

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