Tuesday, October 27, 2015

[MOD] Lego 42036 V8 (Drysdale V8)

Hello my friends! Today I bring you another great build from Nemmoz.
This time is a modification of set 42036 inspired in the Drysdale V8.

I never thought in this modification, but now that I see it, it look so obvious, set 42036 is almost screaming to us to make this change! And it looks.... Awesome!!!

All the that exhaust pipes the big cylinders and all the carbs, make this even more impressive engine.
Together with other minor changes, I find this very interesting modification. Another interesting feature is the windscreen, part x224, is the same of set 8420 but all transparent.

Thanks for visiting!
And a special thanks to Nemmoz for sharing this build!

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  1. Wow!! Love it. Be great to get build instructions for this.