Thursday, October 1, 2015

Win a Lego Technic Motorcycles T-Shirt Contest

Hello Everyone!
Lego Technic Motorcycles blog is commemorating 4 years of existing, and the best way to commemorate is offering you a Lego Technic Motorcycles Tshirt!!! ;)

Here's the Challenge:

Make a new version (Modification) of Lego 8420 Street Bike considering these topics (Guidelines):

  • Gearbox - neutral, one or more speeds (required *)
  • Same type of engine of the original, but can be 2 cylinders instead of four (required *)
  • Original Parts (optional **)
*These are guidelines, the most important is to be creative and participate, have fun!

* If you don't have the original wheels shock windscreen and mufflers, you can participate too, but remember is a Modification of the Set, so it must be recognizable. check the original instructions)

The build can be done using Lego Digital Modelling, Original Pieces, or both, you choose.

Submit your creation via email to Lego Technic Motorcycles, or by Facebook message  until 8th November 2015

Lego 8420:

Some inspiration for the challange (Moto Guzzi MGS):

Happy building!


  1. The 8420 street bike is the set that brought me out of my Lego dark ages, ten years ago :D I'll try and find the time to enter this competition!