Friday, December 30, 2011

9392 - Official Building Instruction and Price

The official 9392 building instructions are avaiable here!

57 pages for the main model. Here´s some shots of the building process:

The 9392 it´s already on sale in Lego Shop depending of the region. You can check if it´s already avaiable, and the price in your region. There´s also some 9392 sets on sale at bricklink.

And now let me finish with some pictures of the packaging and build of the 9392 by wb3913 (113786)

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  1. I bought this one set today, it is wonderful!

  2. Hi Marsikus! Thanks for your comment!
    I also bought this set and I´ve builted it this sunday.
    I also like the set, but I think the orange is a little washed, should be more saturated. I think the pictures I´ve used in this post here digital treated (saturated)