Monday, December 5, 2011

[MOD] 8838 - Monoshock Dirtbike - by Daniel Wareing

Now that I´ve presented set 8838, I´m abble to show you my favourite modification of this set so far.

The monoshock version made by Daniel Wareing.

Daniel made a really nice job because I have this set and I can see he had to make significant modifications in the rear part of the frame to implement the monoshock, and the bike still looks like the original dispite all the modifications in the frame.

Basically, the monoshock bringed the 8838 to the 21st century!

Daniel also modified the kickstand, putted some nice exaust, placed foot stands and front lights that give to the bike a big trail bike look.

Check out the photo of the connection of the rear spring to the frame and more info here.

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