Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lego technic yellow motor - RC - by Kees Hogenhout

This is the first RC (radio-controlled) Motorcycle presented here in LTM.

It´s the last creation made by Kees Hogenhout.

I think it´s a really nice build:
  • It´s very compact, the Power Functions elements are very well implemented and discrete in a very small build.
  • The bike has nice features like chain transmission, and rear suspension.
  • The yellow color resulted very well and has nice curves, I think it has beautiful lines, and like the detail of the exaust.
  • And off course, is RC! And looks fast and very funny to play with.

The video speaks for it self    ; )

Check out more details of this bike and more MOC´s from Kees Hogenhout here

I also want to thank MortalSwordsman for shooing me this nice build!

Thank´s for visiting!

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  1. This is an awesome creation, extremely well made and it looks great fun to play with. Thanks for the mention Kurt. MortalSwordsman