Wednesday, January 11, 2012

8420 & 8051 MODs - Monofork Designs by Camel Lights

Camel Lights made a great job (Modifications) with set 8051 (left) and 8420 (at the right).

The 8420 in the original way already as a monofork, but what is great about the monofork design made by Camel Lights is that the monofork as suspension!

The monofork design with suspension is really great!

In addition to the monofork, in the set 8051, Camel Lights also designed one sided swingwarm. The result in the 8051 is absolutly great!

Check out the video schowing the working parts of this Mods:

Absolutly tasty! Isn´t?  : D


 Check out Camel Lights Mocpage to see more pictures and details of the monoforks that could help you built your own.

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