Friday, January 20, 2012

[MOD] 8051 - 4 cylinder superbike by kenneth rattledge

What could be better than an 8051?

That´s right! One 8051 with an extra cylinder! : D

Kenneth Rattledge made that conversion giving to the original 3 cylinder 8051 an extra  one!

Although the four cylinder engine the bike isn´t very large, and the engine seems to fit perfectly in the bike.

I also like some of the other changes like the license plate, signal and stop lights, passenger foot stands and the exhaust system that looks  very cool. Kenneth also changed all the seat.

This bike passed for 3 important stages during the construction that you can visit here:
4 cylinder superbike
4 cylinder superbike part 2
4 cylinder superbike final edition

And to finalize, a picture of 8051 modified collection of kenneth Rattledge:

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