Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Britten V1000 by Nemmoz

Nemmoz user from brickshelf made this incredible built based on the Britten V1000

I must say that is one of my favorite Lego Technic Motorcycles that I´ve seen so far and I´ve had this one in my sleeve for some time ago!

I don´t know if you guys are familiar with the Britten V1000 but it´s a incredible bike and if you want to know more about the real bike check this out -> Britten V1000 via BikeExif and from Youtube.

Now back to bricks!!!

As you can see this bike uses allot of the parts from the 8420 namely the wheels and parts of the 8051, the V-twin used in this buid is based on the 8051 alternate model.

The only thing that is not like the real britten is the rear suspension, but thats something not very relevant, I think its almost impossible to replicate  the rear suspension system at this scale. Although of that the bike is great!

The front duolever system of the bike is great and really well hidden in the body work of the bike. The front spoiler of the bike looks very cool as the windshield, and as some really nice details like the front brakes.

Check out this picture showing the conections of the front suspension and motor to the frame:

For more and high resolution photos check out Nemmoz brickshelf page here.

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  1. New version and link update:

  2. This motorcycle is really cool.

    Is there a video of it? I did not find any. I would like to see the suspensions (and the rear suspension version 2) in motion.


  3. Hello Brickosouch,

    I don´t think there´s any video of it, and unfortunately the only contact that I now of NEMOOZ is it´s brickshelf gallery, nothing more..

    1. Hello,

      Well, then the solution is to rebuild it by myself!