Monday, February 6, 2012

Rage (Compact chainless bike) by zblj

zblj used in this bike the orange color of the new sets from 2012.  It turned really good looking and cathing to the eyes.

It looks like a streetfighther. Minimalist and agressive.

It uses a four cyclinder boxer engine and a very cleaver cardan axle dipped in the left side of the swingarm.

The front duolever system looks really cool and gives a robust look to the front.

zblj made the instructions of the Rage bike and can be download here.

Check out more pictures of the bike here.

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  1. This bike is not made by Rage but by Zblj..

    Never the less a fine model.

    1. You´re right Junkstyle Gio! I have corrected, thank you very much.