Wednesday, February 22, 2012

V4, 2 speed gearbox Chopper by Steph77

This time I´m presenting you a Chopper made by brickshelf user Steph77.

The overall look of the bike is well achieved  using only pieces available no later then the 90´s.

It´s a very technical construction, front and rear suspension, V4 and 2 speed gearbox!
The engine and gearbox give to the bike and big powerful and elaborated looking engine.

As you can see in the next image it as a vertical chain that links the engine to the gearbox.

And in the next image the detail of the gearbox,

For more and high definition photos check out Steph 77 gallery page here.

For the original post of Steph 77 about this bike in the setechnic forum check here.

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  1. Hi, it's STEPH77 from brickshelf and Fine to see my job is appreciate so far. You'll find another bike based on the HONDA TRANSALP at brickshelf on my account. ENJOY

  2. how , i forgot it. This bike is also equipped with a break sustem functionnal...

    1. A brake system? Sorry, I didn´t noticed...

      I´m looking to this pic:
      but I don´t figure out the breaking system.. :\

      Do you have any picture shooing the detail of the breaking system?

  3. Hello STEPH77! Your welcome! ;)

    Thank you for telling me, but I already known you made other bike, but, in this first fase of this blog i´m just shooing one creation per builder, but I always let the links for the original builder page.

    I will add a link to your bikes page/post in Setechnic! ;)

    Nice regards