Monday, April 9, 2012

Lifeguard's jet-ski by Lipko

This one gets a little out of the usual bikes posted on this blog, it doesn´t have wheels but it´s really cool!
A very compact build, with great design and awesome functions!
A really great job made by Lipko (in Eurobricks, szecs at brickshelf)

Lipko made this jet-ski for the contest and made a great discription of the bike and is features at Eurobricks, that i´m going to paste:

"It is a lifeguard's personal watercraft (jet-ski). The model focuses on the looks and realistic functions, it's not intended to swim or to move on the ground.

*driven by a medium motor
*realistic manual jet nozzle steering (with return to center mechanism) operated by the handle bar (with realistic motion)
*working, non-steerable propeller
*fake 4-cylinder engine
*a shroud that can be lowered over the steering nozzle to produce backwards thrust in real jet-skis (reverse). Operated manually from the driver's seat
*simulated throttle, operated from the handle bar
*battery box is operated easily from the driver's seat and can't be pushed in "reverse" direction.
*opening engine hatch with supporting rod
*almost everything is achieved by linkage mechanisms, which are affected only minimally by each other (for example throttle is not affected by the steering axle and vice versa)
*good looks
*battery box can be removed relatively easily

About the throttle:

It's just a simulation of it, so it's totally fake. If there were (or is there?) a variable speed motor in Technic, it could be totally realistic, since the linkage works just fine.
 In this model, the revolution of the engine and propeller is controlled by simply changing the friction of one output axle of a differential, which causes the other output (the drive-train) to change its revolution because the differential is driven with a constant speed. The friction is changed by pushing radially a small wheel against another freely rotating wheel on the axle.

This great video demonstrates all the bike features.

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  1. In that device, all the trend for the generator and additionally propeller is normally regulated by means of evolving all the rubbing of merely one results axle from the differential, which in turn causes one another results (all the drive-train) to rotate the country's trend given that the differential is normally made by having a endless accelerate.

  2. do you sale the instructions for this amazing model?