Saturday, April 14, 2012

Technic trike CanAm Spyder project by Jutras LegoTeam

Jutras Lego Team made this nice Can Am trike based on the real model. It as great lines and is very accurate. It also as some nice features like suspensions, direction, V4 engine and trunk.

In Jutras own words:
"This is the Can Am Spyder project, It is 1/8th in scale, is powered by a stretched 4cylinder H type/config.mounted directly on frame.The engine is connected to a basic clutched transfer gearbox who will then drive the belt to the wheel.Steered and suspended as per original configuration it is just like the real thing,including the opening front hatch feature..."

Some nice pictures of the frame and direction:

And some photos of the V4 engine

If you like this project you can support it at Lego Cuusoo

Check out more pictures and details of  this creation here

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  1. <>Thank you very much Kurt and if any1 want to know more about spyder trikes ask for it..
    Team Leader(lol)