Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Technic Cafe Racer by Csaba Bekker

This is an alternate build of set 8051.
This MOC was made by Csaba Bekker. 

The shapes achieved by Csaba Bekker are great and it´s very easy to link is look to a 60´s Café Racer! 

I like very much the parallel two cylinders engine inspired by a an old Triumph Bonneville.

Check out more pictures and details at  Csaba Bekker mocpage here

Thanks for visiting!


  1. I like this MOC!

  2. Thank you for posting my model!

  3. Do you have build instructions for this? I would love to make one for myself! :)

    1. Hello Ray!

      This is an alternate build of set 8051, so you only will need the parts available in that model.

      About the instructions, ask Csaba Bekker, the creator of this build. You can ask about it in is Mocpage and ask him (I had put a link to his mocpage in the second last sentence of this post).

      Nice regards!