Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chopper Live to ride by stacker9000

This cool long chopper was made by stacker9000 and presented in Eurobricks

In the first instance I want to thank my friend Parda from Technic Delicatessen for contributing to this blog, by showing me this cool bike!

You may not believe, but this is the first bike that stacker9000 built! In his own words "I am primarily a train fan". Probably because of that, the look of the bike is great, more in a MODEL TEAM style!
But, comparing with the other Model Team looking bikes I´ve seen, this one as a better frame, more rigid, more Lego Technic!

The gas tank, mudguard and battery cover are very good and fluid.
One of the coolest parts of this bike is the front fork. the system is cool, is a springer type fork, very good looking.

My favorite part of this bike is the engine! Is very good looking, with original solutions like the use of lego system car wheels! Very cool!

Thank you for visiting!


  1. Thanks to you Kurt for this interesting blog!

    1. Thanks for posting my bike Kurt. I am very honored to be added.

      The only thing I noticed is in the description, it says Train wheels were used to make the cylinders..those are actually just regular vehicle wheels.

      Thanks again,
      stacker9000 (C.Baker)

    2. Thank you C. Baker aka Stacker9000 for your reply! I´m not very much into lego system so I thought the wheels were from Lego Trains :D lol thank you for telling me! I´ve corrected the description! ;)
      Your bike is really cool! keep it up! ;)

      Nice Regards,

    3. Your welcome Parda!
      I enjoy your blog a lot to! And it was one of my inspirations to do this blog, so I´ve got to thank you to! Thank you Parda! ;)