Saturday, May 26, 2012

Studded Racing Motorcycle - honig13

Ruben also known as (aka) honig13 built this bike between 1988 and 1993 (more or less). This is a pure old school Lego creation using only old studded parts.

The cylinders of the engine are squared, very different from those used this days that appeared in 1990.
This is a bike from the era of set 857 / 8857.

The look of the bike is very cool, even better that some of the new bikes that use panels and studless pieces.
The exhaust and rear view is very nice (1st picture).

It uses a cool rear suspension system and a cardan axle for the transmission and a massive Vtwin engine. The front suspension and fork gives it a robust and agressive look.

If you like this one check out honig13 brickshelf page, you'll not regret!

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  1. I love old school mocs, and I know how difficult is build cool bikes like this.