Tuesday, November 29, 2011

8838 Shock Cycle

Back in 1991 the first Lego Technic Dirt Bike was born!

This bike as a correct position of the chain, V-engine, is the first LEGO motorcycle to have front and rear suspension and a very cool retractable preloaded rubber kickstand.

It´s a studdy  bike and the double rear suspension send her back to the previous century but it´s a must have to the LTM   collectors.

Technicopedia made a great job in detailing all the features of the bike, LDD file and also as great views of the bike and animations. Check it out here.

More info and user reviews in brickset, list parts in peeron and if you want to see how much it is worth, take into account the bricklink price guide.

The presented rendered image and an LDD file is avaiable by Koyan here

Lego Technic Set 8838 - Virtual Build By eBaz:

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