Monday, March 5, 2012

8051 Chopper with side-car RC by pcility

Hi LEGO fans!

Today I´m shooing you an great mod of 8051 alternative model made by pcility. Despite using this set as base this is a authentic MOC! really god!

This MOC/MOD is a chopper motorcycle with side-car completly remote controlled. It drives, steers and as lights 

In the below photo you can check the main modifications of the 8051 alternative model. Pcility substituted / hide the front cylinder of the V engine with an m-motor for steering! Great idea, Technic and good looking!

in the below photo you can see the original side-car that carries the batteries, IR receiver and m-motor for driving. Very cleaver and good looking!

And now some videos:



running motor

  • Check out more and high definition photos, and movies of this bike here.

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  1. Hi! I want to know about the rear engine.