Thursday, March 8, 2012

Self balanced lego technic motorbike by brickosouch

Well, today I bring you guys a really cool project made by brickosouch

It´s a completly remote controlled motorcycle with self balancing system made with Lego Technic.

It uses some non Lego parts like the servo, receiver and electronic speed controller.

I saw the beginning of this project with this video and waited anxiously for news! It evolved allot! the first version was made using only parts of the set 8422 and had no rear suspension, it was completely different..

One of the unique features of this moc is the power functions modified m-motor. According to brickosouch it is 5 times more powerfull than an XL motor!

For more information about this bike/project check out the links below:
  • Original Post of Bricksouch of this bike in Setechnic Forum - here
  • Video link - here
  • Bricksouch youtube page - here

Rear tire wear!!! 

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  1. Thanks for reviewing my bike.

    Now that the winter is coming, I'll perhaps have time to do a new one :-)


    1. Your Welcome!

      Well I hope that you have time! I´m sure it will be a great bike! ;)

      Keep in touch! ;)

    2. Hi, I published the video of the new bike (, but you already put it on your blog, thanks!

      I know the new bike is not really beautiful, but it works better.

    3. Thank you Bricksouch, for your reply!
      Yes, I added your new bike to the LegoTechnicMotorcycles youtube playlist:

      (righ, down corner of the blog)

      The bike is really cool! ;)

  2. By the way, thanks for your blog, I saw it before you post my bike, and was quite happy to see in it afterwards!