Friday, March 16, 2012

Bobber Bike by Lino M

This bike was made by Flickr user Lino M, or AtomicBuider at brickshelf.

It was built with a Model Team look. It´s a  Bobber bike, with good proportions, curves color scheme and details.

In Lino M own words:
"Here is my Bobber...a bike that looks like it was manufactured in the 30's but customized in the 50's. It reflects the classic look and colors of the oldschool hot rods that were being built at the time and has a suicide clutch and knucklehead motor"

I like the thermal exhaust tape and the wheels.

These wheels are the "Dark Red Wheel 81.6 x 15 Motorcycle", the normals that we are used to see are in white, like in set 8422, 8291, 8838, etc. They are also available in "Dark Bluish Gray Wheel 81.6 x 15 Motorcycle". We can find some of these wheels for example in bricklink

Another idea that Lino M used was using two wheels for the big back tire! Good ideia! ;)

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