Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Slayer by MortalSwordsman

WOW! The SLAYER! This amazing bike was made by my MocPages friend MortalSwordsman.

Well guys, I must say this! This is one of my favorite bikes, and I´ve seen allot of them!

I love the use of the dragon parts in the bike, the way MortalSwordsman connects the main themes presented on this bike is gorgeous! Fantasy and bikes, or in his own words "A combination of my favorite building themes; vehicles, animals and action figures. In true Chopper style I took Technic's 8417 and completely modified it into this - The Slayer."

The use of the chain is definitely a nice and cleaver touch, The claw looks beautiful, the fuel thank is perfect and the exhausts  remind me of the wings (closed).

Despite of using the 8417 / 8430 as base model, for me this is definitely a MOC, is super original!

This is the first bike that MortalSwordsman made, I´m sure that the next ones will also be great! I almost can´t wait for the next one!

Super Original and completly "out of the box"

Check out more pictures and details of this bike here (the final pictures are very funny!)

Thank you for visiting!

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  1. Thank you so much kurt. I am really pleased you like it. MortalSwordsman