Tuesday, June 12, 2012

8051-B Black Edition by GMT

This version of 8051 alternate model as made by Marquant Gregory aka GMT and as presented in SeTechnic.

At first instance it seems that is just esthetical modifications, but is much more than that!

Lets see:

1 - Dual-optic headlight;
2 - New fork with similar system of the origianl, handlebar and fork crown;
3 - Radiator;
4 - Intermediate drive chain  removed;
5 - Reinforced frame with a pair of angled 1x9 technic link;
6 - Different saddle;
7 - Dual output exhaust.

Esthetically the bike looks very cool, love the headlights! I´ve never built the alternate build of set 8051, but with mod nº5 GMT resolved the problem of the frame flexibility that seems to be one of the bike problems.
My favorite Mod. is the elimination of the intermediate chain drive. That original drive chain is a little loose, and esthetically the mods of GMT in that area look very cool.

Some pictures:

And a detail image of the Modifications in the intermidiate drive chain:

I´ve personally used this mod in one of my bikes that use this engine and transmission, so, thank you very much Greg! ;)

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