Wednesday, June 27, 2012

oTo Helichopper by Gabor Pauler

This construction is quite unusual. It is a mixture of a helicopter with a chopper  motorcycle.
Is filled of technic functions and was done by Gabor Pauler.

One thing that is also very cool, is that this construction is an alternate build of set 8051. So you just need the  8051 parts to build it. And off course, the instructions! =D

Gabor Pauler made the instructions for it, so check it out the LDD file in is MocPage.

The oTo features:
-2-blade, semi-rigid, Bell-type main rotor with aerodynamic rotor blades foldable alongside the vehicle
-Main rotor mast foldable backward 60 degrees
-Swashplate for main rotor with cyclic (pitch/roll) and collective control levers
-Fenestron-type, 2-blade, variable pitch, ducted fan tail rotor integrated into rear wheel hub
-Echeloning yaw control pedals connected with tail rotor pitch arm through cables
-Retractable rear landing gear/trolley with lifting/locking mechanism
-Horizontally opposed 2-cylinder engine
-2-speed gear shift connected through bowden cable with gear shift lever placed on right horn
-Front disk brake connected through bowden cable with brake lever placed on left horn
-Adjustable headlights
-Front fork lock mechanism
-Front wheel-mounted, 7.62mm, belt-feed machinegun trainable from +60 to -30 degrees vertically, and from +60 to -60 degrees horizontally
-Ammunition drum integrated into headlights

The Blades of the bike are retractable, and that´s awesome!

Cool Machine Gun! =D

The bike as so many aspects and features (see photo below) that is better to check Gabor MocPage to figure everything out.

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