Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kawasaki EN 500 by Miguel Ganhão

This bike was made by  Miguel Ganhão and is based on the Kawasaki EN 500.

Comparing the next two pictures we can see that Miguel made a wonderful job! Is construction is very close to the real bike, and even not looking too the real model, the construction is very easy to associate to it.

The bike is full of lovely details, like the foot pedals for "switching" gears or for the passenger.

Although is not a real feature of the EN 500, the small storage under the seat is very cool.

The real engine model is a twin engine but Miguel opted for a 3 cylinders engine, maybe because of the scale.

The Windscreen is very cool and all the signal lights and mudguards are nicely fitted.

The presence of the chrome parts especially in the exhaust give it a nice finished look.

Check out more models from Miguel at is brickshelf page.

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