Monday, June 18, 2012

Bobber by Richard Joseph

This Bobber is one of the bikes of "BK LEGO CYCLES" made by Richard Joseph

Many of BK Lego Cycles creations are based on a TV chow Biker Buildoff.

This bobber is one of my favorite creations from Richard.

Most of the bikes of Richard have a lot of particularities in common:
  • The scale of the models;
  • Frame using Technic Axles and Angle Connectors;
  • The original construction of the V engine;
  • The use of bionnicle parts.

The Scale is conditioned by the size of the wheels that are original from set 8417 /8430. The scale of the bike parts is very nice, the bike is very compact and well constructed.

I may be wrong, but the construction of the V engine seems unique and not based in any original Lego Set. I like it allot.

The color scheme of the bike is very cool two and the use of bionicle parts is very cleaver and very well integrated.

If you like this boober bike don´t forget too visit more bikes from Richard in BK LEGO CYCLES.

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  1. that is amazing! do you sell them?

    1. Hello,

      This Lego motorcycles that you see in this blog, are made from different persons, you can always follow the links and try to speek with each builder, but I'm pretty sure they aren't for sale.

      Nice regards