Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Red Rebel Chopper - by Jeroen Van Hove

This is an Huge bike. It one of the biggest scale bikes that I have seen.

It as build by Jeroen Van Hove.

The motor is very well  detailed and proportional for the size of the bike, despite that it seems to not have working cylinders, the pushrod-actuated valves, drive belt and overall look of the model it´s really cool.

The hardtail frame it´s really well done and the the fuel tank, mudguard,  exhaust-pipes, the springer-fork, the handle bar details are great.

The bike as an led lights and an 8883 Power Functions M-Motor that drives the transmission. As Joroen Van Hove said "just for fun". I must say the m motor it´s almost invisible and very integrated in the construction. 

More photos and details here

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