Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Solex - by Junkstyle Gio

"The Velosolex has a small 49cc motor mounted above the front wheel. Power is delivered via a small ceramic roller that rotates directly on the front wheel by friction to the tire." (by quoting Junkstyle Gio)

That´s true! A non conventional engine at all! ; )

"A somewhat dated means of transportation, but it was a very popular in "ride" in Europe the 60's and 70's " (by quoting Junkstyle Gio)

Junkstyle Gio made a really good representation of the Solex, with working engine, steering and pedal power. The proportions and final look of the bike are really close to the real one!

Some refining and several stages of the construction:

Final look:

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