Friday, November 4, 2011

Blue Bike by Miguel Agullo

Lego Technic Motorcycles are most of the times criticized for not bringing nothing new... Well... This bike is a PURE TRUE TECHNIC BIKE with allot of functions:

"This 338-piece bike is driven by the mini-motor, has a working pedal brake, suspension on both wheels and a spring-loaded kickstand." [1]

It´s true, that nowadays we are used to see working brakes in some Supercars Creations, but it´s not very usual to see them in Motorcycles. And the only original Set qith an retractable kickstand is 8838.

For working parts details and explanations, instructions (and LDraw data file), and more photos please visit: Blue Bike by Miguel Agullo.

Brake details        KickStand Details

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